Trina Youngblood

Advocacy Coordinator

Trina Youngblood has always been an advocate for children. As a wife and mother of three, she is devoted to helping children have the best life they can, whatever it takes. With more than 10-years of non-profit experience in educational, ministerial, and private sectors, she fulfills her passion every chance she can. She is professionally trained through CASA, the American Heart Association, and Medix.  As a self-starter, she is the owner of her own non-profit, Foster The Closet, providing toys to children throughout foster care. Trina has been personally responsible for creating and launching a children and middle school division of ministry, as well as a performing arts division of ministry for costume creation. Artistically, she is creative, administratively, she is organized, and personally, she is a true gem and blessing to anyone she crosses paths with. She resides in Dallas, GA along with her husband and three children.